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Bakery & Deli
Maple Leaf Bakery
Furlani's Foods
Vieira's Bakery

Desserts, Donuts, Puff Pastry 
Salsa's, Sauces, Blends
Ivex Marketing & Sales, Inc Products
We represent many regional, national and international companies.
We have representation in:
- Retail Bakery & Deli 
- Limited Frozen & Grocery 
- Salsa programs.
- Private label & generic packaging.
- High alkaline water & vending.
- Wine Importing
- Energy Drinks
Orange Bakery
Dolce Vita Biscotti
Elite Sweets

Haliburton International

Redi Bag USA
New York Packaging

Purified Alkaline Water
Wine Import
H2Oasis Inc. - Private Label Bottling
Purified & Alkaline water.
Delivered, Pick-up

Julia Wine Group

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